Introduction to Advanced Bank Management (ABM)

The book Advanced bank management explains all the concepts of finance and banking. This book is officially published by the IIBF.

In this book you will get 4 different sections. Section number one explains about interest rates, economic analysis, market trends, macro and micro economics, relation between fiscal and monetary measures, role of money and banking in the economy etc. section two focuses on sampling methods, business mathematics, basic probability and statistical techniques, time value of money, bond investment, etc. section three explains everything about the human relation in the banking sector, such training, performance measurement, recruitment and gratifying the employees etc. section four of this book focuses mainly on the concepts of the credit management, financial ratios which are essential for every bankers.

For someone preparing for the CAIIB examination but for someone with no background in commerce it can be a bit too tough to understand. If you want to get the most out of this book then consider getting the proper guidance. At you will get the help you need to fully understand this book from the experts.

Author: Myonlineprep
January 17, 2019