Accounting and Finance for Bankers (AFB) is considered as one of the most difficult paper in JAIIB exam by the aspirants especially those who are from the non-commerce background. The syllabus of Accounting and Finance for bankers are mostly from Chartered Account syllabus. This paper has four modules namely;

Module A - Business Mathematics

Module B – Principles of Bookkeeping and Accountancy

Module C - Final Accounts

Module D – Banking Operations

The most important module among these is module A (Business Mathematics) as 30-35% questions are asked from it. There are five chapters in Module A, in which Foreign Exchange Arithmetic is one of the chapters which is quite important for the exam point of view. If a student is conceptually strong in foreign exchange calculation, he can easily get 8-10 marks in this paper. However, a student from non-commerce background always finds it difficult to understand the concept of foreign exchange calculation.

Foreign Exchange Arithmatic Full Video

Myonlineprep has always been helping students to crack the JAIIB & CAIIB exam in the easiest possible manner. This time, we have come up with an exhaustive chapter wise video lesson. We have uploaded video lesson of foreign exchange arithmetic for you. If you like the video, you can subscribe our channel for more such updates.

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Author: Myonlineprep
September 1, 2019