How tough is to crack JAIIB in first attempt

JAIIB is one of the toughest exams and without a proper preparation cracking JAIIB is really tough JAIIB is finance & banking based exam which is conducted two times in a year. The students who want to pursue their career in banking and finance sector they appear for this JAIIB exam. For appearing in CAIIB anyone has to first clear JAIIB. To clear JAIIB in a first attempt is quite touch but if anyone wants to do it they can as we know nothing is impossible in this world with full dedication if somebody does anything definitely they will get success. First of all the syllabus of JAIIB is very vast but for cracking they have to manage the whole syllabus and also have to divide the syllabus in such a way that every day basis the student can touch each and every paper. Making time table is very important because without the following routine nobody can’t cracks the exam because this is not that easy.

There are three papers in the syllabus of JAIIB

  1. Principle and practice accounting
  2. Accounting and finance for bankers
  3. Legal and regular aspect of banking

So, any student who is appearing for JAIIB they should keep in mind that anyhow they should get 50 marks for each paper to get qualification marks or else one more criterion to pass the exam is any student can get 45,45 in two papers and in any paper they can get 60 marks then also the student will qualify. After that in between three paper which subject they love they should or have more interest they should give extra effort on that paper to get more marks and to do the score high. To clear the exam strategy making is very important only just study and give the exam will not going to help to crack the exam. To crack this JAIIB exam student should complete one by one book that means that should not jump one book to another book. After completing one book they should try the other book like this way they can't complete the whole syllabus. They should have a target that they can complete the whole syllabus at least once and try to revise to at least one time. Then the student will be n a better position for appearing in the JAIIB exam. While students are reading they should have a track or hey should take notes in a short note basis in each and every topic that will be helpful for them that if they cant revised the whole syllabus once again at least they will get a chance to go through the

short notes and can be memorized whatever they read. This exam is basically good for them who are technical experts like making calculation fast, without calculator making calculations easily like this kind of trick. Only the brain stamina this kind of treaty exam cant is cracked for creaking this kind of exam they should take some short cart way for study and for memorizing also for time management they should make target for each paper. First attempt to crack JAIIB is very tough but not impossible.

Author: Mohd Tanweeruddin
June 5, 2019