Introduction to Accounting and finance for bankers (AFB)

The book accounting and finance for bankers prepared for the aspiring finance and accounting bankers. This book follows a progressive and easy to follow approach which makes it easy for the readers to follow all the concepts of finance and accounting. The easy to understand and latest syllabus are written in the non-specialist manner so that anyone without any basic knowledge in commerce can easily understand all the banking techniques mentioned in here.

It is an ideal book for assisting the aspirants of JAIIB examination, this book primarily aims on practices and principals of accounting, banking, and finance for bankers. This book covers every key terms of accounting like balance sheets, annual accounts, profit and loss, cash flow and other financial reporting methods.

With this book you can easily understand all the concepts of latest JAIIB examination syllabus and it also helps the aspirants to understand the examination pattern of JAIIB. This book is perfect but without proper guidance a complete beginner might still have some trouble comprehending it that is why seeking expert help is of utmost importance. At myonlineprep you will get just that. Here you will get the guidance you need to clear your JAIIB examination in first attempt.

Author: Myonlineprep
January 17, 2019