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6 Months


  • 3000+ Practice Questions With Explanation
    • 1400+ AFB Questions
      • 27 Practice sets chapter wise
      • 04 Full Length Mock Tests
    • 1500+LRB Questions
      • 67 Practice sets chapter wise
      • 04 Full Length Mock Tests
  • E-Book/Study Materials (All Chapter)
    • AFB Study Materials
    • LRB Study Materials
  • Doubts Clearing with Experts
  • Instant download Study Materials upon enrollment
  • 6 Months Validity

Under this section, we will be providing the students with a range of more than 2800 questions for practice along with their explanations and solutions in detail. This will include more than 1400 AFB questions separately and more than 1400 LRB questions separately. In the AFB questions section, you will get 33 practice sets which will be sorted out chapter wise for better understanding. Apart from this, you will also avail the benefits of giving full length mock tests four times. Mock tests will help you identify your strong and weak areas. In the LRB section, you will get 30 practice sets. Here also, you will get the benefit of giving full length mock tests for four times. In addition to the practice questions, we will be giving you some case study questions as well. The number of questions will exceed the limit of 500. This is done for the purpose of better understanding. With so much questions, we will be giving you all the variety so that you do not face any problem in solving these type of questions in the actual examination. This will include more than 200 questions of AFB and more than 300 questions of LRB. In this package also, you will get e-books with all the chapters and study materials of AFB and LRB. You can also get your doubts cleared with the experts. In this package, you get the opportunity to instantly download the study materials but the study materials will be provided upon enrolment only. This package will have 6 months validity.
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  • 21-08-2019

    I got an expensive book of PPB from a retail store which was working in some way or the other but AFB and LRB left me in a state of dilemma before a month from the exam….those practice set questions, study materials and mock tests helped me in completing the entire important section of the syllabus in cheaper price and I finally cracked the exam.

  •   25-07-2019

    afb and LRB are tough subjects in JAIIB which can be very difficult to understand...use this study materials and practice set questions to prepare well and pass the exam

  • 15-05-2019

    questions of AFB and LRB can be tough for eveyone but this material can make the exam preparation simple and easy to attempt

  • 16-04-2019

    all questions in the question paper became easy after reading the study materials and practice set questions

  • 09-04-2019

    if you are preparing for the exam then you should surely try those questions and tests for exams

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