It is rightly said “practice makes man perfect”. For touching the perfection you need practice. Likewise in JAIIB & CAIIB exam preparation, practice with probable questions is very important in order to crack the exam.

Since IIBF does not disclose how many questions will be asked from a particular chapter or module in JAIIB & CAIIB exam, it becomes more obvious to prepare yourself with chapters wise, as any number of questions can be asked from any chapter or module.Based on this strategy, provides exercise questions of more than 4500 in terms of

  • Practice Question Sets
  • Full Length Mock Test

JAIIB - CAIIB - Practice Questions Set

In this section, you get chapter wise practice questions consist 40-60 questions. This is very important section because it is linked to the performance of study material, how much understanding you have in your just finished chapter study materials will reflect in this section.

We have fixed a bench mark of 80% qualifying marks in each chapter practice question set for our student in order to perform well in actual JAIIB & CAIIB exam.  If you are getting 80% marks in practice questions set, it shows, you have gone through the study material thoroughly and you have sound knowledge over the topic.

On the other hand, this section will help you to assess your weak and strong area; you can figure out your grey area of preparation based on the assessment. Since JAIIB & CAIIB is time based exam, time management is crucial in order to properly attempt all question in exam. In this section, how much time you are taking in a particular question you can figure out, with the help of this section you can make your strategy for actual exam.

JAIIB - CAIIB - Full Length Mock Test

This is another important and last stage of preparation of JAIIB & CAIIB exam.Attempting this section means, you have gone through the study materials thoroughly and have practiced multiple times over practice question sets. This will show your completion of preparation of your exam. It gives you the realistic test taking exam experience before your actual schedule exam.

Here you get 5 full length mock tests consist 100 questions for each paper in order to gauge your level of preparation. This section will give you actual assessment for your exam preparation.

Benchmark for qualifying Full Length Mock Test is 60%. If you get 60% marks in this section, Myonlineprep team can assure you that you can easily pass the actual JAIIB & CAIIB exam.