Introduction to Bank Financial Management (BFM)

If you are banking professional searching for comprehensive and resourceful guidebook then Bank financial management is ideal for you. This book was published in the year 2010; it provides a vast coverage to every important concepts and areas of the banking. This book also divided in four different aspects which covers every aspect of bank financial managements.

This book assists the readers to familiarize themselves with the concept of international banking, while at the same time understanding about exchange rates, Forex business, basics of Forex derivatives, Role of ECGC and NRI accounts, corresponding banking, FEDAI and FEMA. If you want to get deeper understanding of the banking industry.

It is written in the easy to understand language but it could be a bit tough to understand without any guidance. Here at we provide every CAIIB aspirant with all the help and guidance they need to comprehend this book easily.

Author: Myonlineprep
January 17, 2019