Do we really need a JAIIB & CAIIB study plan to crack these exams?

It is said “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” When you follow a proven plan for setting and achieving your goals the right way, you're more likely to see things through.  

Cracking JAIIB/CAIIB without proper planning is tough task. The syllabus of JAIIB/CAIIB is vast and complicated as it covers almost all the verticals of Banking.  Since numerical questions are deciding factor in these exams, you need practice with a proper planning. You must know where to start from.

Our experts have prepared JAIIB/CAIIB Study Plan for Nov/Dec – 2018 exam mainly to help you in cracking these exams.

Follow this Study Plan for your Nov/Dec - 2018 exam and crack it in the easiest way.

CAIIB Study Plan - Dec. 2018

JAIIB Study Plan - Nov. 2018


Good Luck!

Author: Myonlineprep
June 5, 2019