A proper and well thought out plan is necessary for cracking any type of exams. The need for a study plan becomes more obvious when a student starts to study. While keeping the candidates 10-hour regular bank duty in consideration, experts at my online prep provide each of our enrolled candidates with a well thought out study plan which ensures their success in the JAIIB and CAIIB exams.

There are a lot of candidates who take the CAIIB and JAIIB exam multiple times to qualify these exams. The reason behind their failures is their non-systematic study plan; and because they only start to study for the exams just fifteen days to one month before the scheduled exam.

Due to the fact that JAIIB and CAIIB are two different types of exams, also the candidate is a full-time bank employee who works at least ten hours in a day, and compared to a regular students these office employees do not have enough time prepare for the exams, our experts have come up with a solution in which a candidate can study by following a routine and would not be distracted by anything. For doing this task the student relationship manager keeps checks with each student regularly about their weekly performance and preparations as per the plan was given to them. This weekly based discussion between the student relationship manager and students helps the student to stick with their given routine. it helps the student to stick and follow the given routine by the follow-up works and the push factors.

The students enrolled here at my online prep get the facility of two-way communications; he/she can get in touch with our experts and classroom faculties. With this any student can discuss any questions related to the CAIIB and JAIIB exam, if the student is having any trouble with any particular question then they can ask for the explanation of the concerned questions or raise their query accordingly, within the next twenty-four hours our experts will get in touch with them to solve their query and questions.

With the help of our study routine/ plan and student relationship manager, all of our enrolled candidates are assured that they will crack the JAIIB and CAIIB exam in their first attempt easily. If you are thinking you do not have enough time because of your work then do not worry because our study programs are specially made for the full-time workers. Enroll here now at myonlineprep.com.