CAIIB Syllabus from 2023

The CAIIB exam uder revised syllabi for first phase are expected to be held in June 2023 whereas the second phase examination will be held in either in November or December 2023 as the second phase of exam for JAIIB will be held in the October. Hence it is expected that second phase exam for CAIIB may be conducted in Novermber 2023. Under the revised syllabi, there are 4 compulsory subjects in CAIIB instead of 2 papers. Details of chapters:

Papers Paper Name Module Module Name
Paper 1 Advanced Bank Management Module A Statistics
Module B Human Resource Management
Module C Credit Management
Module D Compliance in banks and Corporate Governance
Paper 2 Bank Financial Management Module A International Banking
Module B Risk Management
Module C Treasury Management
Module D Balance Sheet Management
Paper 3 Advanced Business and Financial Management Module A The Management Process
Module B Advanced Concepts of Financial Management
Module C Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions
Module D Emerging Business Solutions
Paper 4 Banking Regulations and Financial Laws Module A Regulations and Compliance
Module B Important Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part A
Module C Important Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part B
Module D Commercial and Other Laws with respect to Banking

Elective Papers Syllabus from 2023

Elective Papers Module Module Name
Risk Management Module A An Overview
Module B Credit Risk Management
Module C Operational Risk Management
Module D Market Risk
Module E Appendix
Information Technology and Digital BAnking Module A Introduction to IT
Module B Systems and Design
Module C Applications in Banking
Module D Information System, Security, Controls and Audit
Central Banking Module A Rationale Functions of Central Bank
Module B Central Banking in India
Module C Monetary Policy and Credit Policy
Module D Supervision and Financial Stability
Module E Non-Banking Financial Companies and Primary Dealers
Human Resource Management Module A Human Resource Management
Module B Building an HR Strategy
Module C Motivation, Training and Skill Development
Module D Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
Module E Emerging Scenario in HRM
Rural Banking Module A Rural India
Module B Financing Rural Development
Module C Priority Sector Financing and Government Initiatives
Module D Problems and Prospects in Rural Banking